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My First YouTube Video

The filming of our first YouTube video will be etched in our memories as a magical adventure, captured at dawn by the shores of Lake Bled on February 29, 2024. The atmosphere was shrouded in a mysterious mist, lending the nearby island an enchanting appearance.



The team gathered at dawn, consisting of Mana and her master, ready to capture the unique beauty of this iconic location. Despite the morning chill, excitement filled the air as we prepared to shoot a 30-second sequence aiming to capture the magic of the moment.

The first take posed a challenge, with shifting light and mist playing with the contours of the island. Nevertheless, we were determined to achieve the visual perfection we had envisioned. Twenty takes later, each attempt accompanied by meticulous adjustments, we finally succeeded in capturing the magical scene we had in mind.


Lake Bled, bathed in a soft, bluish light, with the island emerging from the mist, created a stunning backdrop for our first video. Every team member played a role in making this experience unforgettable. The final result not only captures the beauty of the location but also reflects the collective effort invested in bringing this project to life.

This inaugural YouTube video marks the beginning of an exciting adventure, and we can’t wait to share this magic with you.
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English subtitles available 😉




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