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Ia ora na, friends,

My name is Mana, and I am an Australian Shepherd born on July 31, 2021 in northern Italy. Since then, I have traveled far from my home country and been adopted by a French photographer who spent 15 years in Tahiti and Moorea, two paradise islands in the South Pacific.

Today, we have found another little piece of paradise near Bled, Slovenia, where the beauty of nature surrounds us.

My name means “Sacred Strength” in Polynesian. I think it suits me well because I have a lot of positive energy and vitality.

I am an adventurous dog, always ready to explore new horizons. My human captures me in action with his cameras, creating unforgettable memories of our adventures. Follow our journey and find inspiration for your own travels through my photos and videos. Who knows, you might discover your next destination through our experiences!

I wish you a rewarding and discovery-filled visit.

Feel free to leave a kind message in my guestbook and follow me on social media @voilamana.